Tanks & Fuel Treatments

Boat and yacht engines require special attention to maintain peak performance, and fuel treatment is an essential part of their upkeep. Fuel treatments for boat engines are designed to help protect the engine against corrosion, wear, and breakdowns. This type of fuel treatment also helps prevent build-up of deposits inside the engine which can reduce its efficiency.

Fuel treatment for outboard motors is especially important as they are exposed to extreme weather conditions and operating environments, making them more vulnerable to damage caused by dirt or other contaminants in the fuel. Outboard engine fuel treatments help keep these motors running smoothly and efficiently by removing harmful deposits from the fuel system. Special additives also protect against rust, oxidation, and microbial contamination while providing increased lubricity and detergency.

For optimal performance, diesel bug fuel treatments should be used at least once every season or before or after extended storage periods. A good quality diesel fuel treatment  will not only extend the life of your boat’s engine but will also improve its performance by keeping it running at its best.


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