Boat Sacrificial Anodes

Boat anodes, also referred to as sacrificial anodes, are crucial for maintaining your vessel's integrity. While some boats are constructed entirely of wood, many incorporate metal components that are vulnerable to corrosion when submerged in water. Galvanic corrosion poses a significant risk, potentially causing damage to vital parts such as the motor, hull, engine, or propeller over time.

Our selection of boat anodes offers effective protection against corrosion by sacrificially corroding the anode metals instead of the essential components of your vessel. Explore our range of products below for comprehensive defense against marine corrosion.

Boat Anodes For Sale

We offer boat anodes crafted from three distinct metals: aluminum, magnesium, and zinc. It's worth noting that the weight of the anode directly influences its longevity.

If you're unsure about which boat anode suits your vessel best, here's a handy guide:

Aluminum Anodes: Ideal for brackish water and saltwater environments, aluminum anodes boast a higher electrical capacity, allowing for the use of smaller anodes without compromising effectiveness.

Magnesium Anodes: Specifically designed for freshwater use, magnesium anodes react more rapidly in seawater, making them unsuitable for marine environments. In freshwater, however, they significantly reduce loss rates due to their lower open circuit potential.

Zinc Anodes: Best suited for saltwater applications, zinc anodes offer superior impact strength, ensuring effective protection in corrosive marine conditions.

Our comprehensive selection of boat anodes features trusted brands such as Tecnoseal, MG Duff, Volvo, and more.