Inboard & Outboard Engine Oil and Lubricants

We have a wide selection of outboard engine oils and lubricants to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for 2-stroke outboard oil or 4-stroke outboard oil, our products are designed to protect and provide maximum performance for your engine. Our range offers an extensive selection of the highest quality oils and We stock specialised premium brands specially formulated to protect against wear and tear, rusting, corrosion, foaming or sludge build-up in engines operating under high loads or extended running periods. Our outboard oils are also designed to fight against the damaging effects caused by long idle periods during storage, as well as providing superior protection from the most extreme conditions experienced when boating in saltwater.


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Vetus Hydraulic Oil HT VHT1
Oil Absorption Cloth
2 4 C Grease
2 4 C Grease