Harken Carbo Air Blocks

Harken Carbo Air Blocks are an innovative and reliable line of high-performance sailing blocks. Ideal for sailors who demand the highest levels of performance, these blocks feature lightweight, strong and resilient construction with a unique open-air design that reduces weight without sacrificing strength or reliability.

The curved races on their free-running ball bearings efficiently disperse load throughout the block for maximum strength, while UV stabilized sheave and sideplates guarantee long-term protection against sun and salt exposure. With sizes ranging from 18 to 75mm,

Carbo Air Blocks are ideal for main, jib and spinnaker sheets on dinghies and sportboats as well as control lines on boats of all sizes. Their cutting-edge features make them perfect for any racing or recreational situation - from light winds to strong gusts, these versatile blocks offer superior performance in any weather conditions. 


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